Open Street Art Data Initiative

Collection of street art data, updated on a weekly basis, containing information about street artworks, their creators, and the locations at which they are created.

Acceptable use

This data can be used by academics to analyse street art data in a geographic, demographic or social context. It is not allowed to use this data set to redistribute or integrate in any non-academic context, digitally or otherwise, without express consent of Street Art Cities. For non-academic purposes, please contact us about our Partner Program.

When you refer to or use this dataset for your research, please let us know, because we'd love to know what it is being used for, and are always interested in research related to street art! Also, definitely don't hesitate to contact us if you're looking for data that is not included in this dataset.

If you're looking for a specific subset of data, or need more than what we offer in this basic dataset, please contact us. We can work something out!

Format of the dataset

The dataset is available as a series of CSV files in a ZIP file.

What this dataset includes

What this dataset does not include

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Download URLs

The latest version of the dataset can be found at:

A specific version of the dataset can be found at:

Where XXXX-WXX is a ISO 8601 week number, e.g. 2018-W29. A maximum of 100 weekly datasets will be kept, and the creation of these weekly datasets started with week 2018-W29.


This data is collected by the community that together forms Street Art Cities. It is their data as much as it is ours or yours.

The idea for publishing this data set came from some brilliant conversations with at the Urban Creativty Conference 2018 in Lisbon.